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The following is a statement of some binding disclaimers that apply to visitors to this website, to clarify the scope of use of pieces using Vicky Tessio's voice.

This disclaimer is intended for clients, contractors, intermediaries, agencies, production companies and other users who use audio pieces using Vicky Tessio's voice.

Visitors to this website and clients, including but not limited to: contractors, intermediaries, agencies, production companies and others agree to:

- They agree NOT to enter into any agreement or contract on behalf of Vicky Tessio, which uses part or all of any of Vicky Tessio's performances, recordings, image or personal data.

- They agree NOT to use the demonstration pieces or the recorded and delivered pieces, in whole or in fragments to create, train or feed any artificial intelligence, dual digital or synthetic code, simulation, model, technology or algorithm.

- They undertake NOT to sell, rent or transfer the piece or pieces to third parties without the express authorisation and consent of Vicky Tessio.

- If they have requested audition pieces or for use for advertising, educational, corporate or entertainment purposes. They agree to destroy them after having completed their use and license, unless they have negotiated with the talent an extension of it or have received express authorisation from the talent to store the pieces in their database.

- If authorised to store, the contractor agrees to keep the piece(s) stored in such a way that unauthorised third parties may NOT access the files containing Vicky Tessio's voice, image or personal data, and if such files are stored in "the cloud", the contractor agrees to protect them through state-of-the-art technologies, encryption or other advanced technological means that guarantee the protection of such content.

- The licenses of use for the audio pieces interpreted by Vicky Tessio, are given with only one destination, so it is forbidden to use them for other purposes than those stipulated.

- Vicky Tessio reserves the related rights of image and interpretation, as well as the moral rights and the rights related to habeas data.

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